Medicinal7 Benefits of CBD Oil


Cannabinoids is a group of chemicals found in the Cannabis sativa plant. About 113 of them have been identified and they make up to 40% of the total cannabis extract.  Cannabinoidol or CBD is one of the most abundant cannabinoid that dominate the hemp plants.

It is widely appealing in the therapeutic treatment of various disorders since it is non-psychoactive.  CBD oil is made by  first extracting CBD from the cannabis plant before diluting it with a carrier oil like coconut, hemp seed, grape seed, avocado and olive oils among others. Apart from cannabinoids, CBD oil contains other important compounds like nutrients, proteins, fatty acids and essential vitamins.


The 7 benefits or CBD oil are as follows:


  1. Pain relief

Chronic illnesses cause unexplained pain (nociceptive or neuropathic) as a result of inflammation or dysfunctional nerves. Opioids have been used for a long time to treat chronic pain but they are habit-forming and with several side effects. CBD found in CBD oil acts by acting on your brains endocannabinoid system receptors which creates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving responses without side effects.


  1. Improve heart health

Heart conditions such as stroke and heart attack result from a high blood pressure. There are a number of studies that links CBD oil use with decrease in blood pressure. This is possible because of the ability of CBD to handle mental health disorders like depression and anxiety linked to anxiety and depression especially when people react to them in unhealthy ways.


  1. Anti-seizure

One of the proven therapeutic successes of CBD is in treatment of epilepsy. While more research to understand its safety is still underway, the American Epilepsy Society believes that CBD is a promising solution to reducing/ alleviating seizure disorders.


  1. Brain health

Toxins and free radicals cause aging and deterioration of body tissues including those of the brain and nerves leading to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. CBD has neuroprotective properties that help improve the general health of your brain.


  1. Relieves cancer symptoms

The efficacy of CBD oil in the management of cancer and the side effects of its therapies is known especially in relieving pain, nausea and other forms of discomfort. CBD oil has also been demonstrated to suppress tumor growth in cancers of the breast, colon, lung, prostate, brain and lungs.


  1. Sleep aid

If you are looking for a way to shut your eye or simply sleep longer, CBD oil will come in handy especially if your sleeplessness is caused by external factors .It has been shown to improve the symptoms of RBD disease which is characterized by poor sleep and nightmares.


  1. Reduce Acne

Acne is a common skin condition affecting teenagers and young adults caused by the overproduction of sebum. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD as well as its ability to reduce sebum production helps in managing the condition.

The list of the benefits of CBD oil is long whether scientifically proven or simply claimed by users. The most important benefit is that of providing relief where mainstream medication cannot, especially with fewer side effects.

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