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Now that people in Michigan can legally purchase and possess cannabis-based products, the question arises, where can I buy the CBD products I want for my medical or recreational use? Though some cities and towns have local ordinances limiting the sale of products made with marijuana, CBD, or cannabis, there are more than 200 authorized cannabis dispensaries in Michigan.

It is the rebirth of the cannabis age after it was kept under the shadows for almost a century. Unlike other legal drugs, the information on cannabis are so recent and they keep changing and shifting as fast as they appear. The legal status of marijuana in the U.S is still under confusion as they are not yet universal and standardized. The FDA has not developed any regulation for CBD products and confusion still lingers even in the states that have legalized marijuana. People are looking for the information on marijuana more than the marijuana itself because they want to get it right before diving in.

In the wellness world, CBD products is the new gem in town. In fact, it has been described as the ‘green boom’ that is available in a variety of forms ranging from oils to tinctures, edibles, creams, capsules, ointments and concentrates. Everyone wants to have a slice of this golden cake but as with anything new, you need to test the depth of the waters with one leg and not both. In other words, the cannabis industry is not yet regulated and you can be sold anything from powdered sugar to vegetable oil in the name of CBD hemp oil.

Using cannabis is not about picking any product that you land your eyes on and expecting everything to be all right. There are many factors that you will need to consider in order to reap the full benefits of cannabis. The kind of strain and dosage that you use are great determinants of your cannabis journey. They can make it smooth or fill it with ups and downs depending on how you use it.

The traditional method of consuming cannabis is by smoking. As old as it may be, 12% of American adults still prefer the smoking route. A large percentage of these people are male liberals between the ages of 18-29 years old. 1 in 8 of this group of people reports vaping regularly with vaping being the favorite method among the teens. Neither smoking nor vaping are healthy methods of consuming any form of drugs and its increased popularity especially among the teens has come with a spike in lung injuries and respiratory problems.

The most common ways of consuming marijuana is smoking, eating and vaping. Of all these ways, vaping is a very common method among teens. It involves heating the marijuana concentrate, oil or plant material into a vapor for inhalation. The devices used for vaping resemble those of nicotine and e-cigarettes vaporizers.

The traditional way of consuming marijuana is smoking it, but eating and vaping has come out as the preferred methods for the health conscious. Edibles are food products that are infused with cannabis. They are food products that contain cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

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