MedicinalCBD & Cannabis Dosing Guide


Just like all other drugs, CBD and cannabis products in general are subject to dosing because too much of it can be dangerous while too low of it beats the logic of using it in the first place.

Moving away from the intoxicating use of cannabis, CBD products are available in many forms now as its health effects are unquestionable. What remains is the ability to optimize it for maximum benefits. The solution lies in the advice from your doctor, individual experiences and research.

The amount of CBD that should be taken varies from one person to another because it is an equation that is balanced by several factors. These include the condition that you intend to treat, your body weight, genetics/ body chemistry, prior exposure, and CBD form/concentration that you intend to take among others. Having this in mind, the following guide will help you arrive at the right dosage:


  • Start by choosing your preferred form/product

So, do you want to use edibles, sprays, capsules, oils or water-soluble CBD? Since cannabis is only an alternative medicine, these forms are not standardized and do not come with a prescription like approved medications.


  • Begin with a micro dose

The danger of overconsumption especially with the edible cannabis is high and the resulting experience can be very unpleasant. If you are sensitive to cannabis, you will likely respond well to very small doses. The best way to establish your limit is to start small and then make smaller increments only after you have confirmed the effects by taking the same dose for several days.


  • Note any experienced side effects

As you find your effective dose limit by increasing your CBD dose, it is good to be aware of any side effects that you might experience. This usually comes as a result of your THC sensitivity and also the delivery method. Anxiety, mood disorders, dizziness, dry mouth and nausea are the symptoms to look out for.


  • Make your judgment

The ease of making your dosage judgment highly depends on your mode of consumption. When smoking or vaping, you will feel the effects almost immediately and it is easy to know when to stop. The problem comes with the consumables because of the low bioavailability and slow onset. By the time you realize it, you may have already over consumed it.


  • You may need to consult your doctor

Your doctor will be able to give you a good guide regarding your dosage especially on the levels of THC that can help with your health condition. THC ratio for first time consumers that is needed to relief mild symptoms cannot be the same as that of an experienced consumer with persistent problems or someone with poor GI absorption of cannabinoids. There are also patients with conditions that necessitate high THC ratios like cancer and inflammatory disorders.

When embarking on the use of CBD and cannabis and finding the right dosage, you need to be cautious especially if you have a history of mental illness and drug abuse and if you are pregnant or  breastfeeding. This stresses the importance of consulting your health counselor before embarking on your cannabis journey.

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