MedicinalWeed in the NewsCBD Use Among Seniors is Increasing, Here’s Why


Cannabis legalization in many states for recreational and medical purposes is driving a surge in interest in its benefit to treating various long-term symptoms and conditions. Among the new users are older adults. An increasing number of adults between 70 to 90 are learning how marijuana may relieve some medical conditions that come with their mature years.

Many seniors are experimenting based on personal experience and advice from family or friends. So, why are more of the older generation than ever turning to medical marijuana?


CBD offers promising results in helping the older generation cope with common ailments such as depression. Except for a prescription drug used for treating epilepsy, the FDA has not given the all-clear that CBD can be used as a medical drug or dietary supplement.

With this in mind, several studies show that your experience with CBD might not be the same as somebody else’s. CBD use is most commonly used by seniors to treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Ease cancer symptoms
  • Reduce chronic joint pain and pain from arthritis

However, seniors should start slow and consult a doctor before creating a dosage the fits their requirements.


Medical marijuana is considered a safer alternative to various prescription drugs such as antipsychotics and opioids, and users experience fewer serious side effects. Plus, it is more cost-efficient compared to drugs that cost thousands of dollars annually. On average, an individual would only spend a few hundred dollars on CBD per year.


Many seniors experience pain that is so severe that most prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs do not provide relief. Out of desperation, they seek medical marijuana and find excellent results. Some older patients who resisted marijuana explain that CBD helped get rid of their pain after years of suffering.


Consuming medical marijuana is a better alternative for sleeping pills for many seniors. A few droplets of cannabis under the tongue before going to bed is all they require.


Another major reason seniors are turning to medical marijuana is that there are various ways of consuming the substance. Depending on the patient’s physical abilities, medical requirements, and budget, some may prefer one method over the other. Some ways you can consume medical marijuana include:

  • Smoking for instant relief
  • Consuming foods or drinks infused with medical marijuana
  • Vaporizing medical marijuana for instant results
  • Rubbing it on the skin through topical creams and lotions to relieve arthritis and muscle soreness
  • Using droplets to control dosage, especially when a patient requires smaller doses
  • Pills that can help ease symptoms such as nausea


Several factors appear responsible for the growing uptake of marijuana by seniors. Since most states are approving legal access and the increased support from 94 percent of Americans, the stigma associated with marijuana use is decreasing.

However, educate yourself and your doctor as much as possible about cannabis before you use it. Many adverse effects are associated with dosage, so start low and go slow!

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