Weed in the NewsCommission Approves One Permit For Marijuana Dispensary, Tables Another

Another medical marijuana outfit has been granted a special use permit by the city of Benton Harbor to open a dispensary in the community. During a Monday virtual meeting, the Benton Harbor City Commission gave the green light to the Harvest Group to set up shop at 218 Water Street. However, the commission tabled a special use permit for Red Bud Roots to open a dispensary at 241 East Main Street. Mayor Marcus Muhammad said there’s a pending appeal of that permit.

“The planning commission approves the special use,” Muhammad said. “The approval was appealed by those who have objections, and the Zoning Board of Appeals has to have a hearing first before any action can be taken on this item.”

Objections to Red Bud’s permit were raised during Monday’s meeting by attorneys representing competing marijuana businesses. They said Red Bud’s proposed location on East Main is within 500 feet of a religious institution, a violation of the city ordinance. In this case, it’s near the Sikh [[ seek ]] Religious Society of Southwest Michigan. The city commission will review the permit again once the Zoning Board of Appeals has reviewed it.



Published May 18, 2020 from WSJM News


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