Weed in the NewsCommission Awards Marijuana Provisioning Licenses

Four businesses have been awarded licenses to operate medical marijuana provisioning centers in Benton Harbor. Benton Harbor City Commissioners picked the four out of eleven total applicants at a meeting this week. Mayor Marcus Muhammad read off the list of which applicants scored the highest on the city’s scoring system after each was interviewed by the body in recent weeks.

“Greenstone Wellness is 932, The Harvest Group is 925, Justice Grown is 859, and Redbud Roots is 690,” Muhammad said. “So, the numbers are clear, based on what was used.”

In addition to Greenstone Wellness, The Harvest Group, Justice Grown, and Redbud Roots, NoBo of Michigan and the Releaf Center were named as alternates to get those licenses for retail operations. There was some confusion among commissioners regarding how the city’s scoring system worked, but in the end, eight out of nine voted in favor of the four top scorers.



Published March 12, 2020 from WSJM News


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