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The traditional way of consuming marijuana is smoking it, but eating and vaping has come out as the preferred methods for the health conscious. Edibles are food products that are infused with cannabis. They are food products that contain cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

Although they carry along a wide spectrum of health benefits, THC in particular is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Unlike other forms of marijuana, edibles have a slow onset and low bioavailability which predisposes users to overconsumption and the resultant adverse health effects. It is therefore important to avoid common mistakes associated with using edibles.

Any food or drink can be infused with marijuana and consumed. However, there are common mistakes that can easily lead to negative effects like an overdose. They include the following:


  • Using edibles with no labels

Marijuana edibles are legal in several states now and you can find them everywhere. These products are not yet regulated by the FDA and therefore have no assurance of quality. Instead of just buying and consuming any product, go through the label, know the brand, what it contains, where it is sourced from and so forth.


  • Being careless when keeping your edibles

Marijuana infused edibles are found in all forms that are attractive to children whether it is candy, chocolate, brownie, ice cream or cookies among many others. The approximate THC dose for a normal size edible is about 10 mg which is enough to send a child into a medical emergency room. You should also be careful not to share it with others without their knowledge.


  • Starting high and hurrying along

Unlike smoking and vaping, the effects of edibles are not felt immediately and if you take it in a hurry, you will likely face its wrath.  Start with an edible with a 10 mg equivalent of THC and then wait and feel the experience. You can make increments of 5 mg or shorten the wait between consumption as you test the experience until you find your balance.


  • Eating on empty stomach

Just like with alcohol, taking edibles on an empty stomach will intensify its effects.  If you want to enjoy the full experience of edibles, take it on a full stomach and you will feel the pleasant experiences slowly developing as it mixes with the food inside. In as much as it is tempting to enjoy a cocktail with your edibles, it is a risk endeavor because it complicates the resulting effects by increasing your levels of intoxication.


  • Making your own edibles the wrong way

Making your own edibles is a sure way to spend less but doing this without enough knowledge and skill is a recipe for disaster. Apart from the difficulty in dosing, you risk using poor quality cannabis or cooking it the wrong way. These are enough reasons to think twice before entering that kitchen to prepare an edible.

Edibles are a safe way to consume your cannabis compared to smoking and vaping but it is not without any challenges. As you enjoy your favorite cannabis treat, do it with caution for your safety and those around you.

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