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Using cannabis is not about picking any product that you land your eyes on and expecting everything to be all right. There are many factors that you will need to consider in order to reap the full benefits of cannabis. The kind of strain and dosage that you use are great determinants of your cannabis journey. They can make it smooth or fill it with ups and downs depending on how you use it.


What are cannabis strains?

Cannabis is believed to have originated in Central Asia or at least its use among the Chinese in as early as 2700 B.C. Over the years, this complex plant has spread to all parts of the world. As a strong bioaccumulator, it adapted differently to the regions where it was grown and together with selective breeding, there developed variations within cultivars in different regions of the world. These variations are what are known as cannabis landrace strains.

When talking about cannabis strains, the cannabis subspecies indica, sativa and hybrid come into focus. It is obvious that hybridization or cross breeding of different landrace strains happened over the years and has given rise to thousands of varieties that exist today. This happened as horticulturalists tried to explore the cannabis plant potential. Indica strain which originates from the Hindu Kush Mountains of India is believed to have relaxing effects while Sativa is believed to offer a more energetic effect. A hybrid is simply a combination of the two. In reality, these categorizations largely comes from the effects caused by the different levels of THC and CBD as follows:

  • High THC, Low CBD for euphoria
  • High CBD, Low THC for non-psychoactive effects
  • Balanced THC and CBD for mild euphoria


Finding the right strain

There are various cannabis strains today that offer different effects. Common ones include Kush (pure cannabis indica and its hybrids), Afghan, Hindu, Green and Purple Kush (pure cannabis indica), blueberry and golden Jamaican Kush (cannabis indica hybrid) and Diesel Haze (pure cannabis sativa and its hybrids). The strain that you choose depends on the effects that you desire. Due to combined factors, some strains are better for certain conditions than others. There are those that are good energizers like Acapulco gold, relaxers like Blue Dream, pain relievers like Purple Kush, sleeping aids like Afghan Kush and creativity boosters like the Golden Goat and White Widow. They also differ in their side effects.


Strain dosage

The right cannabis dosage for you depends on the form in which you consume cannabis. It you are smoking it, you will feel the effects almost immediately and you can make your judgement on when to stop. If they are in form of edibles, oils or other treats, it can be difficult to judge because of the slow onset. Begin with a maximum of 1-5 mg of THC if you are a light consumer or a maximum of 10 mg for recreational users. A rice grain- sized dab is enough for light users but you can increase the dosage as per individual judgement.

Whatever the strain and dosage that you take, user discretion while using cannabis is highly recommended.

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