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Figuring out how to order marijuana legally online might seem tricky at first, but it’s something that’s becoming easier by the day. Many dispensaries located in legal states allow their customers to place orders online, which are delivered through various third-party services. The current pandemic is allowing for customers to place their orders online and pick them up curbside at their local dispensary. Unfortunately, since people are so desperate to get their hands on this product when they need it, a slew of illegal delivery options have popped up.


Below is a list of recommendations for how customers can order weed for pickup safely and legally.


Avoiding Using the Postal Service and Other Shipping Options

The ban on marijuana businesses shipping their product through the United States Postal Service or using other shipping options is in place at the federal level, which eliminates it as an option for companies operating in states in which marijuana is legal. Despite this clear legal status, countless upstart operations crop up all the time offering to ship marijuana to anyone who wants it. These businesses operate under the assumption that all shipping options are okay as long as the Postal Service is avoided. In reality, all of them are frowned upon and any business that’s shipping marijuana is doing so illegally.


Recognizing Issues with Illegal Weed Delivery

Choosing to do business with an illegal weed delivery operation poses obvious concerns. Someone who conducts business in this manner in a state in which marijuana is illegal for recreational or medicinal purposes opens themselves up to legal problems at the federal level. All businesses in states where marijuana is legal have to operate with a keen understanding of the laws if they want the legality of marijuana in their state to serve as the model for states in which marijuana is still illegal.


Determining Additional Issues with Inferior Product

It’s obvious that services that deliver weed illegally are willing to compromise their standard to get their product to their customers. The same can be said for the actual product they’re delivering. In 2019, tainted vape oils lead to the death of 42 people and more than 2,100 becoming seriously ill. Any product that’s purchased needs to be bought through legal dispensaries. This will ensure that it’s not tainted in any way.


Figuring Out How to Order Weed Legally

Instead of looking for the path of least resistance in terms of acquiring marijuana, customers should go straight to their local dispensary. If their local dispensary doesn’t have a website or ecommerce platform, contact should be made with the dispensary to see what they might recommend. Working with one’s dispensary is the best way of ensuring that the way weed is acquired remains legal. Dispensaries are faced with intense legal requirements in order for them to keep their doors open. As such, doing businesses with dispensaries that face high legal thresholds should allow one to find solace in the fact that their efforts to get their hands on marijuana will remain legal.

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