RecreationalHow Big Pharma Kept Cannabis Illegal for So Long


It is not a new story that big pharma has always behaved like the big brother that bullies everyone. It has been known to prioritize profits over the health and well being of the people that they claim to serve.

Drug companies are good at corrupting their ways just like Big Oil, Big Government and Big Agri-Chemical companies have and continue to do to this day. Opioid deaths and addiction continue to ravage the world and sadly with the blessings of big pharma.

In 2017, drug overdoses killed 70,000 people in the USA alone with 68% being related to prescription or illicit opioid. The following year, 67,367 drug overdose deaths were reported and over 70% involved a prescription or illicit opioid. In other words, 130 Americans on average die every day from opioid overdose while about 2 million other people get addicted to opioids each year.

Figures don’t lie and as people continue to suffer and die, big pharma have been busy suppressing the use of other good alternatives like CBD for 100 years now for no apparent reason.


When and where did it the suppression start?

The use of cannabis as an effective drug against a range of diseases dates back to ancient times. The Chinese knew about it as early as 2700 B.C. and later by other cultures like the Egyptians, Hindus, Arabs and Babylonians among others. Its use spread all over the world and had arrived in the new world by the mid-1500s. While its use as a drug did not start immediately, it had been added as an ingredient to patent drugs by the late 1800.

One would expect more research to be done and a modern drug developed just like with the opioids but no! It was criminalized in as early as 1914, outlawed in 1925 and by 1941; it was removed from the list of pharmacopoeia. The growing of cannabis ceased by 1958 and the last nail on its coffin was nailed by the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 that categorized it as a Schedule I drug just like heroin, ecstasy and magic mushrooms.


The reason behind the illegality of cannabis

The reason behind the ban of cannabis, as the big government puts it can be best understood by looking at other drugs that have been placed in the same category. Schedule 1 drugs are simply those that have the greatest potential for abuse and with no medical value. This also means that its use incurs the harshest federal penalties and those who try to research it face endless bureaucratic hurdles that lead them to nowhere. The cannabis plant is also very resistant and grows in almost all latitudes requiring no herbicides or pesticides to be cultivated. Besides, it grows faster than almost all other crops .So, how did a plant that had been known for centuries to be a source of important medicinal properties apart from textiles, paper, food, fuel and riggings certainly became so dangerous?

Cannabis has been shown to contain cannabinoids that are essential in promoting and maintaining good health. On the other hand, cocaine which is the most addictive and harmful drugs has been categorized as a Schedule II drug, one step lower than cannabis. It is very clear that the industrialists and big pharma of that time were threatened by both the versatility of cannabis and its potential as a natural health remedy. It is obvious that healthy people do not need drugs and the only way to make profits is to keep sick people sick and even sicker.


How it works (the opioid crisis)

For a long time, big pharma has known that pain treatment and addiction are naturally linked and so they turned opioids into a cash cow that it is today. It all starts with a doctor prescribing the big pharma’s opioids for pain treatment. The drug only mitigates the symptom but does not cure the condition. What is worse is that the drug produces serious side effects that are life threatening and then comes addiction and the need for additional drugs to treat the symptoms of the original drugs.

The cycle goes on and on with the patients ending up dead and leaving behind a huge financial burden to the profit of big pharma. If this doesn’t make you sad, consider the fact that big pharma continue to aggressively market their overdose reversal and opioid addiction prevention drugs while fighting the legalization of safe opioid alternatives like cannabis and CBD.

And so, the big pharma banned the safe cannabis in order to protect their multi-billion dollar opiate-laced prescriptions and opiate addiction cures that continue to provide no benefit to hopeful consumers of the world. The situation today can only be described as worse.


Why big pharma is against cannabis

Unlike opiates, cannabis is a safe natural substance that does not make people sicker or require a cure for the cure itself. This means that it has no potential to be a golden goose for the big pharma. As this promotes and maintains good healthy, big pharma do not make money out of healthy people hence a loss to them. Unlike opiates, medical cannabis/CBD is non-addictive and has no side effects yet with the same or even better treatment results compared to opiates. Cannabis is simply the opposite of opiates in everything but its effectiveness. Furthermore, cannabis is a natural substance and cannot be synthesized and monopolized for profit through drug patents.

The conspiracy of big pharma to shoot down the legalization of cannabis for their selfish interests is as clear as day and night. No wonder that leading anti-marijuana academics and lobby groups are on the payroll of prescription drug companies, alcohol producers, correction corporations and federal agencies being the biggest opponents of legal marijuana.

They continue to cite reasons such as increased crime, juvenile delinquency, deaths and public safety just like they did 100 years ago. However, the legal system has gone against them and allowed the much-needed research into this ancient natural medicine. And now that the truth is out, the path to the universal legalization of all forms of cannabis will soon be complete.

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