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When I was a little kid, a child psychologist told me that I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) — which used to be known simply as attention deficit disorder (ADD). At the time, I didn’t worry too much because I thought that it would just go away like the typical afflictions.

But little did I know that I was so wrong about that.

ADHD/ADD will always be a part of who I am. And unfortunately, it has made my life incredibly challenging.


Symptoms of ADHD/ADD differ from one person to another, but for me, I suffer primarily from inattention. This means that my brain constantly wanders off, thus giving me problems with concentration.

This issue gets me into trouble all the time.

I get distracted and sidetracked very easily, so sometimes I forget about important tasks. Organizing my stuff seems like an impossible task, so I end up misplacing all my things.

I constantly make careless mistakes in my work — even when I’ve already checked the documents a million times over — and sometimes, I have to read a list of instructions so many times before I understand because my brain dozes in the middle of reading.

In other words, my ADHD/ADD makes me a disorganized, hot mess, and no matter how hard I try, I still end up making mistakes and disappointing a lot of people.

My condition has always made me feel frustrated, angry, and unhappy with myself, and I used to think that I don’t have a choice except to plow through and endure my symptoms.

But right now, I’ve discovered something that has actually helped my symptoms become more manageable. And that is: smoking or vaping cannabis.


Cannabis has always been a contentious topic. People usually focus on the fact that it’s used as a recreational drug for people who want to get high. But people sometimes forget to mention that cannabis also has therapeutic effects.

In particular, research has shown that cannabis has some positive effects on managing ADHD symptoms. I can personally vouch for that because ever since I started smoking and vaping cannabis, my brain just becomes clear. It’s almost as if a blanket of fog has been lifted, and now I can properly see my goals, priorities, and tasks.

As a result, I’m more motivated to finish all my tasks, and I barely make any mistakes at all. All in all, my productivity has skyrocketed, and it has inspired me to become better.


Just like other mental afflictions, ADHD/ADD makes life more challenging.

But from my experience, cannabis can ease my symptoms, and as a result, my life becomes much more bearable.

If you want to try cannabis for your ADHD/ADD, you should communicate with your doctor first.

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