MedicinalHow to Find Doctors That Will Help With Obtaining a Card

A medical marijuana card is an identification card issued by a state/country that recognizes medical cannabis. This card enables a patient with a doctor’s recommendation to obtain, possess or cultivate cannabis only for medicinal purposes.

In the USA, it is possible to obtain a medical marijuana card in 33 states although the process of acquiring it varies depending on individual laws and policies. In the state of Michigan, it is mandatory for a card seeker to first register with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) for certification. The MMMP certification process is not an easy one as it requires you to give a word by word description of your symptoms and conditions. This should not be hard if you have a real sickness though. With this in mind, start out by finding a good doctor who will help you to obtain your card successfully.

The following is a process to find doctors that will help you obtain your card.

  1. Assess your eligibility

Before you start finding your marijuana doctor, it is prudent to do an assessment to ensure that you meet the qualifying conditions. Apart from being a resident of the state which you intend to apply for the card, you need to be 18 years or older, and be a patient without a caregiver. There are various conditions that are listed as treatable with marijuana mainly those associated with chronic pain and anxiety. They include cancer, HIV/AIDS, severe and chronic pain, glaucoma, seizures, PTSD, arthritis, hepatitis C, autism, OCD and Parkinson’s disease among many others.

  1. Get your supporting documents

The most important documentation that will determines whether you will obtain your card or not is your medical diagnosis. These are legitimate medical records from your primary care physician describing your medical diagnosis. The copy of your medical records is needed during your evaluation appointment.

  1. Find a marijuana doctor near you

A doctor’s approval can come from any general medical practitioner (GP) although there are some who may not agree to do an evaluation for medical marijuana. For this reason, you will need to find a dedicated Michigan marijuana doctor near you. Unlike your primary physician or general practice doctors, these dedicated marijuana doctors are board-certified and up-to-date on the state’s medical cannabis laws. They are available in your local area and you can easily book with them online, get a telemedicine service and get your recommendation online. For this to be possible, they require your complete medical history as indicated in your medical records. This online route is the faster, cheaper and more convenient to many patients so far.

How to find a MMMJ doctor near you

  • The internet

Now that you have obtained your medical records and have settled for a medical marijuana doctor, the next step is to find one near you. Since most states with MMJ programs offer 420 clinics that specialize in medical cannabis recommendations, this would be the likely place to start searching. Searches such as ‘how to find a marijuana doctor near me’ can sometimes lead you to a dead end or to advertisement traps. Searches such as ‘marijuana doctors Michigan’, ‘best marijuana doctors’ or ‘medical marijuana doctors’ and related searches can lead you somewhere.

If you do manage to find a marijuana doctor near you online, you can proceed to call them and book your appointment but you will need to be extra careful. This is because you do not want to end up with no weed after paying a hefty consultation fee. You should do a proper assessment of the qualifying conditions in your state before making that call, especially on the specific conditions acceptable for marijuana use in your state.

On the bright side of online searching, there are certification clinics that are ready to provide a marijuana card pre-qualification for free.

  • Recommendations

When you are not convinced about your online search or afraid of being scammed, you can ask for recommendations from family, friends or even your primary physician. You can also enquire from authority websites that provide a list and contacts of recommended marijuana doctors near you like WayofLeaf, Weedmaps and Leafly among others.

Whichever way you find your marijuana doctor, make sure he/she is certified to operate in your state and is someone you should be able to establish a relationship with. This is important not only for your application but also later when you will be receiving comprehensive care while using medical cannabis.

  1. Set up an appointment

When you find a clinic, you need to make an appointment whether online or visit in-person for evaluation. For this you will need to submit your medical history and records. This appointment should not worry you because it is like just any other doctor’s visit. If in the end you are considered eligible, you will receive an authenticated, certification from your state marijuana doctor showing that you will benefit from the use of medical marijuana.


  • Make your application

When this is done, proceed and apply to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP), pay the application fee and wait for your card. This is an online application platform that allows you to also renew your existing record or submit an amendment. The processing will take not more than 5 weeks.

While the process of obtaining a Michigan Marijuana card can be daunting, the benefits are worth pursuing. With it you will not only have access to the marijuana dispensaries but also access experienced medical marijuana providers. You and you caregiver will also enjoy legal protection where you will not only be able to purchase but also grow your own plants where you will save money and grow the best quality. Above all, you will be able to receive a regular dosage for treatment for a proper management of your medical condition. Just make sure to connect with a trusted doctor who will do the right assessment and give you the best advice that will get you what you need-the card.

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