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Taking time to take care of your cannabis will make the difference between a good experience or not so good experience. It doesn’t matter if you grow your own and are looking for proper storage protocol or buy different buds from local dispensaries and need to store it in-between visits. There are a few basics to follow. Here is a quick guide:


  1. Glass Containers Are Best: Refrain from storing your cannabis in a plastic bag for long periods of time. Instead, keep it in a glass jar, clear or colored, titanium metal jar, or ceramic container with an airtight lid. Do not use plastic storage containers as they promote humidity and sweating inside the container, ruining your product. Select a jar size that won’t leave an ample amount of space between the top of the cannabis and the sealed lid so there is little room for airflow. This will prevent your cannabis from drying out, losing potency, and diminishing its flavor and effectiveness.


  1. Brown Bags Work Too: You can also put your long term cannabis inventory in brown bags or dark paper bags and then store them it in airtight plastic bags. Keep your stash in a dark cool place like a basement or closet where there is little activity and movement. This will keep your cannabis fresh and stable for longer periods of time.


  1. Store in a Dark, Cool-Space: There are many factors that will reduce the freshness and potency of your cannabis including light, UV rays from sunlight, humidity, airflow, and heat. Store your sealed glass jars full of cannabis in a dark, cool space for best results. Do not store in the freezer as the resin will freeze resulting in a less potent product. Heat and higher than normal temperatures will dry out your cannabis buds and evaporate the terpenes causing an unpleasant flavor and smoke experience. Store your jars away from sunlight, heating units, dryers, or appliances. In addition, the heat and humidity will cause mold to grow on the cannabis, spoiling it.


  1. Store Cannabis & Paraphernalia Separately: If you are storing your cannabis for a long period of time, make sure you not only separate the different strains, but you separate the plants and paraphernalia like pipes, lighters, and roach clips. The odors can absorb into the weed affecting the overall taste and fragrance. It is good etiquette to keep your paraphernalia clean so the odor doesn’t affect the next experience.


  1. Do Not Use a Tobacco Humidor: Since humidors for tobacco are made of wood, usually cedar wood, it is not recommended to store your cannabis in one. The wood’s oil will seep into the tobacco effecting the delicate taste and fragrance of the product


Note: Keep in mind that edibles are different than the cannabis you smoke, so refer to individual labels for proper storage.

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