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The most common ways of consuming marijuana is smoking, eating and vaping. Of all these ways, vaping is a very common method among teens. It involves heating the marijuana concentrate, oil or plant material into a vapor for inhalation. The devices used for vaping resemble those of nicotine and e-cigarettes vaporizers.

Vaping has become the “near healthy” option for those who are trying to avoid the bad effects of smoking. This means that respiratory symptoms associated with smoking like chest tightness, cough and phlegm are less pronounced among vaporizer users.

If you are trying to vaporize your marijuana for the first time or you just need a cleaner high, then it is important to know how you can do it best.


  • Create a comfortable space and relax

As with everything first time, it is not good to be uncomfortable and in constant worry of being caught or things not going well. It is best if you do it in a company of one or two trustworthy friends in order to reduce any form of anxiety. Have some music playing in the background as you enjoy your vape.


  • One or two puffs is enough

Vaping has a fast onset and higher bioavailability compared to edibles and for a first timer, it is enough to take one or two puffs to avoid getting overwhelmed.


  • Know the right vaporizing temperature

Vaping marijuana allows you to have control over the temperature and so you need to know what to expect at each range. The best temperatures depend on individual preferences and also the device that you are using. Since the boiling point of THC is 315OF, getting lower to this figures will get you a lightly toasted vapor. If you go too high, you risk combusting all your cannabinoids.


  • Use the correct device

After you have chosen your right marijuana strain, it is necessary to choose the appropriate vaporizer too.  If you have a 3-in-1 model, you need to have the correct tank /cartridge. The same goes for vape pens and mods.


  • The munchies are real

Vaping marijuana will certainly get you hungry hence the need to have plenty of food around when you do it for the first time. Preferably, `you can choose to plan your vaping around meal times.


  • How to vape

You can vape marijuana either using a stationary vaporizer where you put the marijuana into the chamber or on the surface to be heated. After this you plug the vaporizer plug into the power outlet and turn it on. When using a vape pen, you just charge the battery and then fill it up with your desired marijuana strain. Since the vape pens are different, you will need to read the instructions to learn how it operates.

As a first time vaper, you might not be familiar with the different ways of getting high. Know your limit and stop when you begin to feel some zoning out effects, couch lock, calm and clarifying feelings and so on depending on the strain that you use. The high will last from between one to four hours if you are a first time user.

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