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The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) will begin on March 1, 2021 start accepting forms for adult-use marijuana permits from any candidate. Agencies will no longer have to acquire a medical cannabis business license when applying for the adult-use license. This move is expected to open new opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in Michigan’s retail adult-use marijuana industry.

Cannabis legalization in many states for recreational and medical purposes is driving a surge in interest in its benefit to treating various long-term symptoms and conditions. Among the new users are older adults. An increasing number of adults between 70 to 90 are learning how marijuana may relieve some medical conditions that come with their mature years.

In late December 2020, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law House Bill 5085, allowing veterinarians to consult with pet owners on the use of hemp or marijuana products for their animals. A legislative analysis, titled “Allow Consultation with Veterinarian on Use of Marijuana or Industrial Hemp on an Animal”, notes that it opens up the vets’ freedom to either advice against or recommend offering pets cannabis in different forms. Research has shown the ability of cannabis to aid in the management of common ailments in pets, such as lowering stress levels and reducing inflammation.

The state Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) on January 4th issued their new year’s first technical bulletin “Process to Obtain Agency Approval for Production of Marijuana-Infused Beverages”. These regulations set rules for firms that intend on producing weed drinks to do so but under a new submission process that includes product testing to meet strict requirements.

Current research about cannabis falls into one of two categories. There’s the category of research that remains stalled and the category focused more on the harms of the drug than anything else. Marijuana researchers are faced with having to get funding from federal agencies, which is a problem considering marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. Doing research on the harms of marijuana is much easier considering the power that weed opponents yield in the fight to keep it illegal. The battle between states where marijuana is legal and federal agencies that have to abide by the fact that it’s illegal at their level rages on.

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