Weed in the NewsMarijuana Possession Now Legal In Michigan

It’s official. You can now possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and have as much as 10 ounces locked up in a safe spot in your home thanks to the passage of Proposal 1 last month. That said, Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller is cautioning people that using marijuana isn’t for everyone.

“Listen to the attorneys that are out there talking to people, saying if you have a job where you have to be held accountable for what it is you use, don’t use,” says Fuller.

You can still lose your job for a positive drug test based on your employer’s policies. Where you can toke is also something to consider, as it has to be somewhere private. That means your driveway, front porch, yard, the sidewalk, your car are all among the places you can still get into legal trouble for using the drug.

The state still has 12 months to come up with the rules and regulations that will govern recreational marijuana businesses, and cities like St. Joseph and Grand Rapids have decided to hit the pause button on allowing them until that happens. Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss said this week with the overwhelming passage of Proposal 1 in the state’s second-largest city, they should listen to the voices of the voters and allow for it to be legally sold in the city once more is known. The St. Joseph City Commission plans to revisit the issue next year.



Published December 6, 2018 from WSJM News


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