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The traditional method of consuming cannabis is by smoking. As old as it may be, 12% of American adults still prefer the smoking route. A large percentage of these people are male liberals between the ages of 18-29 years old. 1 in 8 of this group of people reports vaping regularly with vaping being the favorite method among the teens. Neither smoking nor vaping are healthy methods of consuming any form of drugs and its increased popularity especially among the teens has come with a spike in lung injuries and respiratory problems.

Having that in mind, if you feel like smoking or vaping is there to stay with you for some time to come, then you might want to be a good smoking/vaping buddy- at least for now. If you are a seasoned cannabis user, you understand that smoking is a communal activity and this is the entry point for many users anyway.


Want to be a good smoking/vaping buddy?

  • Let the others know what is in your weed

When you are smoking or vaping with friends, it is good to let them know what is contained in your weed. This is a courteous act of minding your friends’ health because some could be using drugs that may interact with the second hand smoke hence increase their effects. Not all people are the same and so is the cannabis product that go well with them.


  • Don’t smoke/ vape around high risk friends

Smoking and vaping cannabis are both dangerous to high risk people. These people include infants, children, and pregnant, allergic and sick people. If you should do so, do it outside away from homes, cars or any indoor space.


  • Forget about sharing

We are now in the COVID-19 era and it is good to accept change no matter how hard it is. Physical distancing, handwashing and disinfecting surfaces is the rule of the day and that applies when smoking /vaping around friends. It is tempting to pass vape pens, lighters and anything else around but that will be a very bad idea- at least until COVID has been dealt with.


  • Avoid alcohol while smoking/vaping

It is a common trend to smoke/ vape cannabis along with alcohol but this is not a good idea especially if you are not an experienced user. Cannabis usually increases the effects of alcohol along with other drugs leading to the feelings of dizziness, drowsiness and impaired judgement.


  • Know your limits

You would not want to be embarrassed in front of your friends, so know your limits to avoid a bad high, a worse for wear or getting too stoned.


  • Relax

If you are in the company of the right people, them there is no reason not to feel comfortable, relaxed and communicate well. After all that is what friends are for!

Smoking/ vaping cannabis especially with friends is a learning journey that should be full of fun. You do not want to experience those trippy highs, cause harm to a friend or end up in an isolation ward for COVID. It might not always go according to plan but try to do what is best for everyone.

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