Weed in the NewsSouth Haven Approves New Medical Marijuana Zoning

While recreational marijuana is a no-go in South Haven, the city council is moving forward on medical marijuana. They have approved a new Marijuana Business Overlay Zoning District. Assistant City Manager Kate Hosier says the new ordinance will authorize and regulate safety compliance facilities.

“It provides a zoning designation for where these businesses could be located, and also allows for the regulatory scheme to allow for safety compliance for medical marijuana facilities,” Hosier tells our newsroom. “Safety compliance labs for medical marijuana can be located in the Marijuana Business Overlay Zone approved (Monday).”

The Marijuana Business Overlay Zoning District is east of Blue Star Highway and north of Superior Street. You can see the map at this link on page 77 of the city council agenda for November 18.



Published November 19, 2019 from WSJM News


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