MedicinalThe Impact of Cannabis and CBD on Cancer Patients


The positive effects of the availability of cannabis/CBD on cancer patients in MI can’t be understated. Thanks to Michigan’s laws on marijuana legalization, any cancer patient can access cannabis in edible or smokable form to relieve the symptoms of traditional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. As more research is conducted that shows the positive effects of cannabis use, more doctors and patients are embracing the use of cannabis as part of cancer treatment and recovery.


Why Should Cancer Patients Try Cannabis?

Undergoing a full course of cancer treatment is notoriously difficult on a patient’s body. Chemotherapy has many potential side effects, including inability to eat and sleep, frequent nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and hair loss. While cannabis may not be able to address all of these issues, it can help with some of the most debilitating ones.


How Can Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

Some of the positive effects of marijuana use on cancer patients undergoing traditional cancer treatment can include:

  • Pain relief: Cancer can cause increased inflammation in the body, leading to pain and making it hard to move the body. Marijuana can help relieve these pains and take the patient’s mind off of any suffering.
  • Increased appetite: Some cancer patients experience a loss of appetite due to the powerful medications and side effects they cause. Cannabis consumption helps them stay healthy by eating enough to sustain the body as it tries to fight against the disease.
  • Relief from nausea: The waves of nausea that accompany chemotherapy make it hard for cancer patients to live a normal life. Cannabis can help these feelings subside so the patient can rest.
  • Decreased anxiety: If a patient is feeling anxious or sad about a cancer diagnosis, cannabis can help them feel more optimistic and focus on getting better.

In addition to these forms of cannabis, there are federally approved cancer drugs that patients may be prescribed as part of their treatment plan. These drugs use forms of THC to help patients with nausea and other side effects of primary cancer treatment. Patients who struggle to cope with chemotherapy or radiation or experience rapid weight loss may benefit from taking these pills.


CBD and Cancer Patients

CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, and is known for providing positive effects without the euphoric feeling of the other cannabinoids present in the plant. CBD is ideal for patients who do not like the feeling of being high but need the healing effects the marijuana plant provides. It can also be a better choice for patients who already struggle with dizziness or feeling weak. CBD is available in many forms, but most patients take it in edible form, either as a gummy or a tea.

The Food and Drug Administration continues to study and test the effects of marijuana on cancer patients to see how it can best be effectively used to help. This means in the future, cannabis may be an accepted part of regular cancer treatment across the United States.




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