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Life is generally an exciting adventure that all of us partake in, but sometimes, it can get too much, and it sucks all the energy out of us. Because of this, we sometimes forget what happiness feels like because all we know now is numbness. And, worse, sometimes, we just lose the will to live.

This feeling of nothing else except numbness and not wanting to live anymore is a condition most commonly known as depression. It’s a grave affliction, one that has to be treated immediately.

I’m one of the unlucky ones who have experienced depression, and I’ve tried several methods and medications to alleviate my situation. And surprisingly, one of the most effective ways for me is using cannabis.


Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is more than just recreation. It’s a complex plant that is made up of so many chemical compounds — not just tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the one associated with getting high — and these compounds have been studied and proven to have health benefits.

In particular, cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that’s rising in prominence nowadays because it isn’t psychoactive, and it’s also beneficial. Numerous studies have shown that it helps deal with several mental illnesses, especially anxiety and schizophrenia.

And recently, connections have been made between depression and cannabis use.

True enough, when I started taking CBD edibles, I’ve noticed my depressive symptoms easing up bit by bit. I don’t get that heavy feeling of hopelessness, and I’m more motivated to actually do something instead of sleeping.

In other words, ever since I started using cannabis, my emotions and my behavior have slightly returned to normal levels. Now, I remember my personal goals, and I’m determined to make my way and achieve happiness.


I’m incredibly delighted that cannabis has been helping me deal with my depression, but the best thing about using it is actually the fact that it’s inspired me to give back and help others.

This is primarily because I know how hard depression is to get through, and now that I’m in a somewhat better place thanks to cannabis, I want to help others who are also experiencing this affliction. I want to help them get through this in any way I can and to bring them happiness.

This has now been one of my ultimate goals in life, and in a way, using cannabis has helped me realize this.


Using cannabis has greatly helped me find the motivation to create happiness in both my life and other people’s lives. For that reason, I’m eternally grateful for cannabis.

However, I know that more studies need to be conducted on cannabis and its benefits. So, if you’re uncertain if you should start using this compound as a treatment for your depression, you should talk to your doctor first.

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