MedicinalWater Soluble, Nano-Emulsified CBD – The Benefits


If you follow news and updates in the CBD world at all, you may have heard terms like nano CBD, nano-emulsified CBD, or water soluble CBD. In fact, they’re all just different terms for the same process. So what is nano CBD? How does it differ from regular CBD oil? Is it better? What are the benefits? Let’s take a look.


Benefits of Nano CBD

There are several key benefits to nano-emulsification. As mentioned already, emulsions are typically unstable, and don’t last very long. That’s why you need to shake your bottle of vinaigrette before pouring it on your salad. The oil separates after only a short time, and rises to the top. So every time you use the salad dressing, it needs to be mixed back in.

Nano-emulsifications are much more stable than regular emulsions. They’ll hold together for a lot longer, rather than separating. Therefore, nano CBD will solubilize more effectively, allowing it to react more efficiently in your body.

The smaller, nano-droplets of CBD also have more surface area than regular CBD drops. This allows them to carry more CBD in them. More of them are then absorbed into your body, and at a much faster rate, creating a better quality CBD experience overall. You can take much less of it and get the same effects, in a shorter amount of time. The increased stability can also allow those effects to last longer, as well.

And finally, the more stable emulsification of CBD oil with water gives the solution a more neutral taste. This allows it to be added to just about any food product, without giving it an odd flavor, as CBD oil often can.

These are just a few of the benefits of nano CBD. It’s a terrific breakthrough in CBD processing, which can provide you with a faster-acting and more effective overall CBD experience.


Price Difference

The one seeming drawback to nano CBD is that it’s more expensive than other types. No matter how the nano-emulsion is accomplished, it requires sophisticated scientific equipment and highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians to do it properly. The process is not cheap.

However, it’s well worth the cost. Since the CBD is absorbed into your blood more efficiently, that means that you can produce the same effect as regular CBD with a much smaller amount. A little goes a long way. Plus, you feel the effects much sooner.

In time, hopefully the process of creating nano-emulsions will be made cheaper and more practical, while still maintaining their superior effectiveness. In the meantime, though, it’s still a great way to maximize the benefits of CBD, making it react faster and last longer. Look around at your options, and see if nano CBD is a good choice for you.

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