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It is the rebirth of the cannabis age after it was kept under the shadows for almost a century. Unlike other legal drugs, the information on cannabis are so recent and they keep changing and shifting as fast as they appear. The legal status of marijuana in the U.S is still under confusion as they are not yet universal and standardized. The FDA has not developed any regulation for CBD products and confusion still lingers even in the states that have legalized marijuana. People are looking for the information on marijuana more than the marijuana itself because they want to get it right before diving in.


Where to find marijuana information

The first and common place where people are fed information on marijuana is the internet. This is the age of information technology and marijuana is becoming part of it. The two seems to have blended well together because most of the marijuana resources are online. First there are influential blogs and websites that have and continue to give the much needed marijuana information to the growing audience.


Leafly gives you up-to-date news on cannabis, reviews on the best strains, lifestyle tips, education and more. Here you will also find information on how to consume, grow, harvest and process cannabis products.

Weedmaps on the other hand is a forum for in-depth, comprehensive information on marijuana news, cannabis education, and dispensary location and legalization advocacy among other information.

All Bud deals with information on cannabis and marijuana for medical therapy and adult use. This include current cannabis news, products, research and legislation on medical marijuana.

Apart from online resources, you will also find marijuana information on magazines like the High Times, print media, individual U.S. state websites and industry conference reports.


Which information about marijuana is important?

If you wish to use marijuana for any reason, then there is everything to know about it. Ever since it was categorized as a Schedule I drug, the use of marijuana was criminalized and research limited. New information is now stepping into the light including its numerus health benefits. Although it is not yet legalized by the federal government, as much as 33 states have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana while 14 have totally legalized its use.

The most important information that you need to know about marijuana include:

  • What cannabis is and how it is used
  • Short- and long-term effects of cannabis
  • The legalities of cannabis use
  • The risks of marijuana use
  • Strategies that will lower your risk of using cannabis

Since most of the research on cannabis are underway, it is good to be updated on the latest information just in case somethings change or new information is availed. There are also great business opportunities on this new industry and anyone can venture into the business of production, retail or distribution of marijuana products. Information on marijuana can be vast and the only way to get it right is to be educated. You may want to know how to make the best weed brownies or simply how to roll a perfect joint. Whatever it is, you will need to get it from a great marijuana resource.

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