MedicinalWhat are Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates?


With many different types of medical marijuana products on the market, understanding what each one is, how potent they are and the best ways to consume them can be difficult. At your local dispensary, you may see a variety of cannabis concentrates, which are extracted directly from the plant before it is dried and cured. Live resin concentrates are one of the newest products for those who may not want to consume flower or edible forms of cannabis. Read on to learn more about what live resin is, how it is made and how you can use it.


How Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates are Made

The process of extraction of live resin from the marijuana plant is a key part of how the product effects users. Through this extraction process, a higher portion of the terpenes in the plant are preserved. Terpenes are oils that give the marijuana strain a distinct smell and flavor, like citrus, pepper or floral flavors, and there are over 100 that exist in nature. Different combinations of terpenes can produce effects on the patient, like relaxation, pain relief or increased creativity.

The process of collecting live resin is relatively new, having only been developed less than a decade ago. After the marijuana plant is harvested, it is immediately frozen. Freezing preserves the terpenes that can be lost during the curing process, which is used to prepare cannabis for other kinds of consumption. An extraction tool is then used on the frozen plant to get the live resin out. This extraction method allows the final product to deliver more flavor and a longer lasting effect.


What Does Live Resin Concentrate Look Like?

Live resin is a squishy substance that is easy to mold with your fingers, like childen’s modeling clay or hair styling wax. However, the sticky nature of live resin makes it hard to handle with your bare fingers. Most users will purchase a tool to handle the resin. The color of the product can range from bright yellow to light brown.


Advantages of Live Resin

Users report that live resin gives a strong, long lasting effect thanks to the high percentage of terpines in the concentrate. With all of the terpines working together, the overall feeling can be much stronger than consuming the same strain in another way. The distinct natural flavors of each strain are easier to taste when consumed, so you may find it easier to distinguish one strain from another when consuming live resin.


How Do You Use Live Resin?

There are several ways to consume live resin, including:

  • Use a dab rig or pen to vape the concentrate
  • Place some on top of flower when smoking a joint or a bong
  • Live resin cannabis concentrates are another great option for users seeking different ways to consume cannabis and wanting to experience a different kind of high.

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