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When the state of Michigan passed a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana, I was incredibly excited. Over the years, I’ve read studies about the therapeutic and medical effects of marijuana, and I’m eager to try out a marijuana-based product.

Aside from that, I’m also excited to see what kinds of products would grace the cannabis stores. I’m pretty confident that manufacturers would get creative with their products.

And I was definitely right about that.


Walking inside a cannabis shop for the first time is almost dreamlike to me. To begin with, the shop I entered was decorated with vibrant plants, vivid colors, and post-modern furniture, so right off the bat, I felt like stepping into an alternate paradise.

Then, after I showed my ID to prove I’m over 21, an employee led me to another room that was even fancier. Here, cannabis products were everywhere — from bottles on shelves to packets on walls to high-end vaping products on glass cases.

The employee so graciously walked me through the various products that they have. Of course, they had the classic marijuana flower that people consume by smoking. They also had the other typical cannabis products, namely edibles — which are consumed by eating them — and concentrates — which work best with a tabletop vaporizer or vape.

But then, the employee showed me other product types that are on the rise. Currently, there are now tinctures that allow people to consume cannabis sublingually. And there are also topicals, which are intended to be applied directly to the body, thus making them perfect for people who want to try out cannabis products but don’t want to ingest them orally.

There was just a wide variety of products, and I enjoyed browsing them.


When I asked the employees what the bestselling product in their shop is, I wasn’t surprised to hear edibles. But I was surprised when they said the most popular edible right now is the chocolate edible, simply because I expected the bestseller to be the gummies.

They explained that the gummies are still among the bestsellers, but customers are now more interested in the chocolate products because they’re new and tasty.

I tried two chocolate products myself, and I immediately understood. They were addictively delicious, especially the chocolate truffles.

After the chocolate edibles, another bestseller is the vape, especially the brand Vaporesso. This is because the Vaporesso products are beginner-friendly, what with their impressive quality and relatively affordable price.


Walking around a cannabis shop and browsing through the products has made me realize that the cannabis industry will definitely thrive in the years to come.

There are just so many kinds of cannabis products, so whether you’re an avid cannabis consumer or you’re new to this, you’ll still find a product that piques your interest.

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